30 Amberwood Parkway
Ashland, Ohio 44805

Secure Correctional Packages Inc. was established in 2009 in Ashland, Ohio. Our Ohio-based owners have more than 100 years of combined experience in retail distribution businesses and are committed to making your purchase experience easy, fast, and affordable.

We have partnered with Troyer Cheese Company and SUPERVALU® to provide premium food and consumer products to the correctional market at affordable prices.

Meats & Cheeses Snacks Candies

Our premium turkey,
beef and ham selections
can be paired up with our award
winning blue ribbon cheeses.

We offer a variety of healthy snacks.
Choose from our selection
of dried fruits, nuts,
veggie chips, and trail mixes.

To satisfy a sweet tooth choose
from: chocolate covered raisins,
peppermint pillows, sweet’s salt
water taffy, gummy bears, and more!
To place an order: We make it easy for you!

Email: dpearson@scpteam.com
Phone: 419.606.6695
Fax: 419.281.6883

Secure Correctional Packages
30 Amberwood Parkway
Ashland, Ohio 44805

Ordering simplicity — orders can be placed by phone, email, or fax. We have a fully staffed customer service department to assist you.
Service — we offer prompt weekly delivery.
Safety & Security — all of our products are factory packaged in clear wrapping.
Products — we offer the highest quality products available!
Catalogs — available upon request.

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